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CFA Voysey Artwork - The Artisan




CFA Voysey "The Artisan"

This design was for one of a series of printed posters
that were hand coloured by Voysey himself,
for the Central Liquor Control Board
to decorate pubs & canteens
c.1915 - 1918.

Depicting an artisan stooping to smell a rose,
surrounded by birds and foliage.
over the motto:

“What makes your admiration? It cannot be
i’ the eye; nor i’ the judgement; nor i’ the appetite”

The original design has been carefully redrawn and printed, then individually &
authentically hand decorated with watercolours, making each one unique.

This grey colourway is as originally designed.

Framed size: 20”h x 18”w

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30_10 voysey_the_artisan_grey_1 voysey_the_artisan_grey_2 voysey_the_artisan_grey_3