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Birmingham Guild of Handicraft No 27 Wall Lights


Birmingham Guild of Handicraft Wall Light.

Inspired by Charles Robert Ashbee's example, a second Guild of Handicraft
was set up in Birmingham in 1890, with metalworker
Arthur Stansfield Dixon as the leading spokesman.

A friend of William Morris, Dixon designed visually simple looking metalwork

with an emphasis on skilled hand work.

'A man should not be cut off from the full effect of his work...
if art is to live and not die, mens work must be so arranged
that they may be able to keep thier souls alive...
the craftsman must come before the merchant,
and the machine must be subservient to the hand of man.'

By Hammer & Hand

No 27 in the original Birmingham Guild Catalogue.

A wall light with hammered brass reflector shades & period type Edison coiled filament bulbs.

Can also be supplied with art glass shades.

Wall plate size: 16" high x 4" wide.


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