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Cast Iron Fireplace designed 1899, made by the Falkirk Iron Company.

Mantle Register made by Geo.Wright, Ltd.

Mantle Register made by Longden and Co.

Fireplace designed 1901, made by Thomas Elsley.

Carved Mantlepiece made by J.P. White.

Mantle & Tiles made by Pilkington Tile & Pottery Co.

Brass Fire Irons by Thomas Elsley.

Fireside tools on Stand and Firescreen by T. Elsley.

Elsley's polished steel Firedogs/Andirons, also available in brass.

Elsley Firegrate, Fireirons, Screen & Fender.

Elsley Firegrate.

Brass Firescreen designed c.1899.

Dining Room Fireplace, Broadleys, Windermere.

Fireplace at Capel House, London.

Fireplaces at Capel House, London.